iPad Pro Rumors & Specs: Apple's Largest Tablet with iOS 9 Stylus Feature Might Arrive This Fall

Apple iPad

(Photo : Wikimedia Commons / BrokenSphere / CC)

Numerous sources are speculating that Apple might unveil the rumored iPad Pro in fall of this year, along with the latest version of its operating system, the iOS 9.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, details of … Continue reading

Apple's stylish marketing: Why the fashionable Apple Watch succeeds where a tech-heavy iWatch …

Apple’s triumphs over the past 15 years include but not are not limited to: saving the music industry from its own self-destruction, helping to bring movies into the digital era, showing that retail can be cool and make a huge difference to the bottom-line, putting a shed load of songs … Continue reading

Reported acquisition of big data analytics firm Acunu highlights Apple's push to improve cloud services

Apple reportedly acquired U.K.-based big data analytics firm Acunu back in 2013, with the company’s tools said to bolster back-end data infrastructure for services such as iCloud.

News of Acunu’s acquisition comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that Apple acquired database software … Continue reading